Expiration Of Service:

We fully reserve the right to expire any prepaid and unused professional time and services that remain on your account if such has not been used within 90 days of the original purchase date. Such unused professional time and services will thusly expire and shall not be usable or refundable upon expiration. We shall have no duty to notify you of our decision to expire the unused professional time or services or any pending expiration.

Expiration Of Service Some Rules That Cannot be integrated by members or users include :

Racially prejudiced, intolerant, hate, defamatory, talking, invitations to fight, threatening or any post of any nature that we decide, in our sole discretion, as improper and offensive, will result in membership termination without any prior notice. * Spamming. Any activity generally described as spamming by the Internet Community, such as unsolicited bulk mails or emails, irrelevant or commercially based postings for any purpose will effect in membership being terminated without any prior notice whatsoever to the member. Any user may terminate their membership or use at this site at any time. We may terminate membership or usage of any person or entity at any time for any reason we deem appropriate and right with no prior notice to the person or entity whose usage or membership is being terminated. We have also published a privacy policy. The privacy policy is hereby incorporated by reference into this Agreement as if completely set forth herein.


- Infringe the law of any jurisdiction while visiting our site or using any service or tool that we provided.
Cyber-stalk or Harass any user.
Conduct any activity that is detrimental or harmful to our site as exclusively determined by us.
Post any information or content that is indecent, defamatory, obscene, hateful, blasphemous or intolerant in nature or in violation of the laws of any jurisdiction.
Upload any material that is harmful to our user's computers or objectionable/abhorrent to our community  as a whole.
Evasively and dishonestly represent yourself as another person or as a representative of a business or entity that you do not in reality represent. Wrongly and inaccurately represent your professional or business credentials or professional background. In your jurisdiction you must be of adult age to use this site or to   become a client of this site. In any event, no member or user may be under the age of 18 years of age. Parents or guardians of minors may enroll as a member on behalf of their minor wards/ children but are solely accountable for the direct supervision of their wards/ children while their minors visit the site or use   any of the services/tools that the site provides. We may post policies, rules, or guidelines. Upon the posting  of such materials from time to time, they immediately become incorporated by reference into this  Agreement as if fully set forth herein.


You may order most of the Services by submitting Plan Orders through the EMobilize portal or by calling our Customer Support Department. At time of receiving of an email from us on the email address which you have mentioned on it as a part of the Registration process for the services. We are not responsible for interrupted Services in connection with any Plan Order that it has not accepted.


It's a onetime non reoccurring payment, you will have to call us to renew your contract or to purchase any other software.


We are here to reserve the right to refuse, terminate, or suspend service to any user for any reason without any prior notice. Typically, we will suspend, terminate or refuse service if we determine that a user is using our services in an improper or illegal manner, violating the rights of privacy or publicity, violating the civil rights of others, conducting actions that defame a third party or entity, are publishing hate or intolerant material, or are threatening or harassing others.


All the service plans are to be mentioned in this site to be modified or to be cancelled at any time with no any prior notice. EMobilize Limited reserves the right to cancel service at any time with no any prior notice, for any reason. Charge-backs or cancelling of any fees or service charges paid for through your credit card.


At EMobilize, we respect the trust you place in us and thus it's our responsibility to protect your Privacy.
Information Collected we record your Phone Email ID & Name in our Database for future reference and support
Information Privacy Your Information is Safe with us and not used for any marketing purpose neither distributed to any third party.
Information Removal / Update Request You can always request your information removal or update request on support@emobilize.net

If you are not satisfied with our Software or web development/hosting services, we can issue full or partial refund within 10 Days (Ten Days) of the purchase. If E-Mobilize Limited, resolves or replaces the product/services as per customer satisfaction in that case the purchase will not be refundable.

We fully reserve the right to expire any prepaid & unused professional time and services that remain on your account if such has not been used within 90 days of the original purchase date. Such unused professional time & services will thusly expire and shall not be usable or refundable upon expiration.

If you choose to sign this document or agree to make any online/ offline payment to E-Mobilize Limited, a service provided by E-Mobilize Limited having its offices in India and business concerns in the United Kingdom, you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions ( Terms of Service ).

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