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Streamlining Your SEO Efforts by Using Web Design Analytics

Information is a crucial device. It drives numerous exercises. With regards to your site, you will need to gather however much information as…
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What Online Marketing in 2016 Looks Like

Every company that has a website today must have an online marketing strategy and this strategy should always involve an SEO expert, or…
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5 Reasons to Ignore Your Average Conversion Rate

A Quick Definition A site’s average conversion rate is defined as the total number of goals completed (usually purchases for eCommerce stores) divided…
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What is Google AdWords Smart Goals?

Google AdWords Smart Goals Smart Goals has been introduced to collect aggregated conversion data from websites that have Google Analytics enabled. Lots of…
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Tips to optimize your online presence

Chris Kell, director of Wish Digital, on optimizing your online presence to grow your business. 1. Accept that the internet is evolving at…
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Calculate ROI on your SEO expenditure

As with any marketing effort, it all comes down to whether or not you can make money. With SEO, calculating your ROI comes…
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