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How to learn HTML, CSS and web design on your Mac

Find how to fabricate your site by learning HTML and CSS on your Mac. It’s quite simple to begin with web coding in…
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SEO friendly website design techniques

14 things you need to know about SEO friendly site design Many misconceptions exist about what is and isn’t search engine friendly website…
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We’re living in the golden age of software development

Software, as Marc Andreessen says, is eating the world. Everything we do is mediated through someone’s code — running on a smart thermostat,…
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6 Things to Look for in a Web Developer’s Portfolio

Hiring a web or application developer to build your ecommerce site or money-generating mobile application can be a challenge, especially if you do…
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PUB HTML5 Optimizes HTML5 Flipbook For Smartphone And Tablets

Online digital publishing has become the new trend with the increase in the use of online platform for everything, including reading. PUB HTML5…
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